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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist
Atomizer - The Only Weapon of Choice

Atomizer - The Only Weapon of Choice

Third album from one of Australia's premier extreme metal acts. Mixed by former Dimmu Borgir guitarist Astennu.

Power, Not Participation 2:29
And The Hunt Starts Again 2:50
When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently 5:04
The Campaign 4:28
The War That Never Ended 3:51
The Only Weapon Of Choice 3:43
Isolation 3:22
One Man's Failure 3:41
So Terrified, Yet In Control 2:55
Join The Blackheart Reich 3:34
For Blackness Absolute 3:13
Sometimes They Hear The Bullet 2:52
The Fog Of War 1:34

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