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Die Hard - Nihilistic Vision

Die Hard - Nihilistic Vision

These guys are phenomenal and are keeping those old school roots alive and well. If you love bands like Venom, Sodom, Destruction and the like you have to get this album. I bought this on a wimb and I must say it is well worth the money. I am very impressed at how this band captures that old school vibe but they add a bit more brutality to their tunes. Completely dirty thrash metal that is done very, very well and with a good production. "Fed To The Lions" is a stand out track for me with it's merciless onslaught thrashing old school styled riffs. If you are looking for a great and evil band to remind you of the glory days of old Venom then look no further then DIE HARD!

Into The Desolate Halls Of Death
Hidden Face
Bloody War
Nihilistic Vision
Fed To The Lions
Mercenaries Of Hell
Ride The Incubus
I Am Possessed
Attack From The Back
Death Chasing The Flock Of Mortals

skeleton left
skeleton right