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Nocturnal Breed - Fields of Rot

Nocturnal Breed - Fields of Rot

Killer album by one of my favorite Norwegian(thrash/black metal) bands! It's only a matter of time before the whole world knows how good they are!!If you have never heard of this band, you're in for a surprise. All their albums(and demos)are FANTASTIC,and FIELDS OF ROT(fourth full length) is no exception!! An instant classic!

Wicked Vicious & Violent 4:12
Fields Of Rot 2:54
Too Damned To Conquer 2:50
Manskinner 3:02
In Sickness And In Hell 4:18
Invasion Of The Body-Thrashers 3:27
Iron Bitch 3:14
Code Of Conduct 2:19
The Dead 3:15
Scything Harrow 3:05

skeleton left
skeleton right