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Thanatos - Global Purification CD

Thanatos - Global Purification CD

The sixth album of the Dutch extreme metal veterans. 10 tracks (plus 1 bonus track) of flawlessly executed death/thrash metal. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swan (Asphyx, Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity). A time travel back to the days when Metal was about breaking rules and boundaries instead of creating them.

Track Listing:
1 Global Purification 3:30
2 The Murder of Innocence 3:22
3 Infestation of the Soul 5:13
4 Queen of Gore 3:15
5 Nothing Left 5:11
6 World Jihad 3:14
7 The Demonized Minority 4:08
8 Feeding the War Machine 3:31
9 Blood Will Be Spilled 3:15
10 Bastion of Blasphemy 3:56
Bonus track: Dawn of the Dead

skeleton left
skeleton right