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Urgehal - The Eternal Eclipse

Urgehal - The Eternal Eclipse

"The Eternal Eclipse" 15 years of Satanic Black Metal is an anniversary album celebrating 15 years existence of Urgehal. The album features 3 unreleased tracks from Goatcraft Torment recording session, both tracks from Demonrape 7" EP (sold out and hard to get now), one new track recorded especially for this album, re-recorded version of the Eternal Eclipse, a track from band's debut album; cover of VON and some rehearsal rarities. 16-page booklet filled with tons of photos, linear notes and details from band's history complete this release making it unique. It's not just another compilation release you can find around but rather an autobiographical providing you can find there so much unreleased yet high quality Satanic Black Metal tunes.

Guds Fortapelse - Ă…penbaring Av Dommedag 4:37
The Moors Of Death 3:26
We Are Unholy 2:18
Demonrape 5:04
Serpent Messiah 5:01
Nekromisantrop 3:04
Veadtuck 3:28
The Eternal Eclipse 5:47
Bloodhunt 4:00

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