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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Means to an End

Set on End is from West Auckland. Set on End formed in 2005 but in late 2007 replaced their front man with Jesse Williams after a 9 month hiatus. Their Debut release \'Means To An End\' was recorded in late 08 with acclaimed producer/musician Zorran Mendonsa (New Way Home, Solstate) in their home studio Mindset. At the same time NZ Metal legends Subtract were tracking their guitars and vocals in the studio. Zorran has recently worked on releases from Cobra Khan, Subtract, and In Dread Response. Completed with mastering from Evan Short (Cobra Khan, Subtract, Concord Dawn) and artwork by Damian Alexander (ex-Blindspott) Set on End independently released \'Means To An End\' in 09. Available in selected stores and Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster. Set on End play regularly around the country but most notably on Subtract’s recent Winning Hearts and Minds tour and support for Cancer Bats and Bring Me The Horizon. As one of the founding members of New Zealand’s Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Society, Set on End strive for their own pure musical expression as well as the expansion and solidification of New Zealand’s Metal music scene. Set on End were one of the headlining bands at HMHR’s Metalfest and are performing again at Metalfest 2 which will be the biggest local metal show in history. Metalfest also goes on tour over the North Island in July 09. In a world gone awry, rendered docile by the endless tide of blood stained goods, a political and religious system designed to favor the elite, yet destroy the lives and means of the poor. Set on End have dedicated their existence to forcing their ideologies onto the unwilling through their melodic aggressive groove. Track Listing 1 Macrocosm 2 Fire For Amber 3 Victim 4 The Last Revelation 5 Fall Defiled 6 Resist:Comply
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