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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist


New Way Home are working hard to promote the album, embarking on a nationwide tour with The Heavy Metal Ninjas and a mini tour with English heavyweights Architects. New Way Home has always been made up of seasoned musicians with ears for detail and a passion for emotional intensity. Their sound is heavy, complex and technical at times, at others… simple and beautiful. Featuring musicians from Blindspott to Sommerset, New Way Home has always been it\'s own beast with such varied backgrounds. Being handpicked by the likes of Slipknot, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, and Machine Head to play in front of large stadium crowds is testament to their originality, appeal and musicianship. After countless hours of work, the recording, mixing, mastering and artwork for their self produced and self recorded full length album Mirrors is completed. A rough demo was released on the internet for the song \'Chrysalis\' just before album recording began. It won song of the month on and received an 8/10 from a Roadrunner Records A&R scout on The demo also abruptly went to #1 on both the metal, and alternative metal charts at and stayed there for nearly a month out of over 120,000 songs in the worldwide charts. The final album version has just recently had over 1300 views in the first week since it\'s release on YouTube. Track Listing: 1. Mirror 2. Paper Hearts 3. Autumn 4. Chrysalis 5. Phoenix 6. Tides 7. Atrophy 8. Black Eyes 9. Soul 10. Saturn 11. Adrift
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