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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Avkrvst - 'The Approbation' Ltd Ed. 180gm Orange LP

SKU Avkrvst_-__The_Approbation__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Orange_LP

Arch Enemy - 'Wages of Sin' Ltd Ed. Picture Disc LP. Only 500 worldwide!

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Wages_of_Sin__Ltd_Ed__Picture_Disc_LP__Only_500_worldwide_

Arch Enemy - 'Wages of Sin' Ltd Ed. 180gm Yellow LP. Only 300 worldwide!

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Wages_of_Sin__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Yellow_LP__Only_300_worldwide_

Arch Enemy - 'Wages of Sin' Ltd Ed. 180gm Red LP

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Wages_of_Sin__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Red_LP

Arch Enemy - 'Burning Bridges' Ltd Ed. Picture Disc LP. Only 500 worldwide!

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Burning_Bridges__Ltd_Ed__Picture_Disc_LP__Only_500_worldwide_

Arch Enemy - 'Burning Bridges' Ltd Ed. 180gm White LP. Only 300 worldwide!

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Burning_Bridges__Ltd_Ed__180gm_White_LP__Only_300_worldwide_

Arch Enemy - 'Burning Bridges' Ltd Ed. 180gm Green LP

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Burning_Bridges__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Green_LP

Frozen Soul - 'Glacial Domination' Ltd Ed. LP

SKU Frozen_Soul_-__Glacial_Domination__Ltd_Ed__LP

Afflicted - 'Beyond Redemption' 3LP

SKU Afflicted_-__Beyond_Redemption__3LP

Yes - 'Mirror to the Sky' Ltd Ed. Deluxe Electric Blue hand numbered 2LP/2CD/BLURAY Artbook with Poster.

SKU Yes_-__Mirror_to_the_Sky__Ltd_Ed__Deluxe_Electric_Blue_hand_numbered_2LP_2CD_BLURAY_Artbook_with_Poster__

Insomnium - 'Anno 1696' Ltd Ed. Deluxe 2CD 12" Artbook

SKU Insomnium_-__Anno_1696__Ltd_Ed__Deluxe_2CD_12__Artbook

Suicide Silence - 'Remember....You Must Die' Ltd Ed. CD

SKU Suicide_Silence_-__Remember____You_Must_Die__Ltd_Ed__CD

Arch Enemy - 'Deceivers' Ltd ED CD Box Set

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Deceivers__Ltd_ED_CD_Box_Set

VoiVod - Synchro Anarchy. (180gm & A2 poster)

SKU VoiVod_-_Synchro_Anarchy___180gm___A2_poster_

Pennywise - Unknown Road. Ltd Anniversary Edition LP.

SKU Pennywise_-_Unknown_Road__Ltd_Anniversary_Edition_LP_

Motorhead - Lost Tapes: Live in Norwich (RSD 2022) 2LP

SKU Motorhead_-_Lost_Tapes__Live_in_Norwich__RSD_2022__2LP

Entombed - Wolverine Blues.

SKU Entombed_-_Wolverine_Blues_

Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast Re-Mistressed. 2LP

SKU Cradle_of_Filth_-_Cruelty_and_the_Beast_Re-Mistressed__2LP

Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast (Ltd Ed. Re-mistressed Bone Coloured 2LP)

SKU Cradle_of_Filth_-_Cruelty_and_the_Beast__Ltd_Ed__Re-mistressed_Bone_Coloured_2LP_

Annihilator - Set the World on Fire (Ltd Ed. Numbered Blue LP)

SKU Annihilator_-_Set_the_World_on_Fire__Ltd_Ed__Numbered_Blue_LP_

Annihilator - Alice in Hell (Ltd Ed. Numbered Red LP).

SKU Annihilator_-_Alice_in_Hell__Ltd_Ed__Numbered_Red_LP__

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