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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Unearth - 'The Wretched: The Ruinous' Ltd Ed. Red LP

SKU Unearth_-__The_Wretched__The_Ruinous__Ltd_Ed__Red_LP

Afflicted - 'Dawn of Glory' Ltd Ed. 180gm Silver Vinyl

SKU Afflicted_-__Dawn_of_Glory__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Silver_Vinyl

Afflicted - 'Prodigal Sun' Ltd Ed. 180gm Lilac Vinyl

SKU Afflicted_-__Prodigal_Sun__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Lilac_Vinyl

Jesus Piece - '...So Unknown' Ltd Ed. 180gm Lilac Vinyl (45rpm)

SKU Jesus_Piece_-_____So_Unknown__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Lilac_Vinyl__45rpm_

Grave Pleasures - 'Plagueboys' Ltd Ed. Blue Vinyl.

SKU Grave_Pleasures_-__Plagueboys__Ltd_Ed__Blue_Vinyl_

Enforced - 'War Remains' Ltd Ed. 180gm Blue vinyl (only 800 worldwide).

SKU Enforced_-__War_Remains__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Blue_vinyl__only_800_worldwide__

Ov Sulfer - 'The Burden of Faith' Ltd Ed. 180gm Red vinyl.

SKU Ov_Sulfer_-__The_Burden_of_Faith__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Red_vinyl_

Imperial Triumphant - 'Alphaville' Ltd Ed. 180gm Red Vinyl (featuring alternative sequencing)

SKU Imperial_Triumphant_-__Alphaville__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Red_Vinyl__featuring_alternative_sequencing_

Suicide Silence - 'Remember...You Must Die'. Ltd Ed. 180gm Orange/Black Marbled LTD Ed. LP

SKU Suicide_Silence_-__Remember___You_Must_Die___Ltd_Ed__180gm_Orange_Black_Marbled_LTD_Ed__LP

Night Demon - 'Outsider' Ltd Ed. Green (only 500 worldwide)

SKU Night_Demon_-__Outsider__Ltd_Ed__Green__only_500_worldwide_

Night Demon - 'Outsider' Ltd Ed. Magenta (only 500 worldwide)

SKU Night_Demon_-__Outsider__Ltd_Ed__Magenta__only_500_worldwide_

Distant - 'Heritage' Ltd Ed. White vinyl

SKU Distant_-__Heritage__Ltd_Ed__White_vinyl

Distant - 'Heritage' Ltd Ed. Red vinyl

SKU Distant_-__Heritage__Ltd_Ed__Red_vinyl

Tribulation - 'Hamartia' Ltd Ed. 180gm Lilac Vinyl EP.

SKU Tribulation_-__Hamartia__Ltd_Ed__180gm_Lilac_Vinyl_EP__

Predatory Void - 'Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being'. Ltd Ed. Clear 180gm vinyl

SKU Predatory_Void_-__Seven_Keys_to_the_Discomfort_of_Being___Ltd_Ed__Clear_180gm_vinyl

Arch Enemy - 'Stigmata' Ltd Ed. Picture Disc. 500 worldwide

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Stigmata__Ltd_Ed__Picture_Disc__500_worldwide

Arch Enemy - 'Stigmata' Ltd Ed. Silver Vinyl

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Stigmata__Ltd_Ed__Silver_Vinyl

Arch Enemy - 'Black Earth' Ltd Ed. Picture Disc. 500 worldwide

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Black_Earth__Ltd_Ed__Picture_Disc__500_worldwide

Arch Enemy - 'Black Earth' Ltd Ed. Green Vinyl. 300 worldwide

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Black_Earth__Ltd_Ed__Green_Vinyl__300_worldwide

Arch Enemy - 'Black Earth' Ltd Ed. Gold Vinyl

SKU Arch_Enemy_-__Black_Earth__Ltd_Ed__Gold_Vinyl

Jesus Piece - ...So Unknown

SKU Jesus_Piece_-____So_Unknown

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