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Final Destination 2

Director: David R. Ellis Main cast: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes Synopsis: You can\'t cheat Death. You can\'t hide from Death. But you may be able to create a rift in Death\'s design...On the first anniversary of that infamous plane crash, a group of teenagers are travelling on Route 23. Suddenly one of them has a vision of an apocalyptic car pile-up that kills hundreds of pe...ople. Or is it a premonition? By stopping the traffic behind her, Kimberly (A.J.Cook) saves the group from the inevitable catastrophic road carnage... But Death has it\'s own Grand Plan and finds increasingly inventive and gory ways of finding and despatching these survivors. Knowing her turn is coming up next, a desperate Kimberly realises she must track down Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) that lone survivor of the original plane crash - maybe together they can at least stall death\'s evil march. This shock sequel to the cult horror hit is a heart-pounding gorefest laced with irony, wit and a truly eye-popping series of bloody executions. You could be next! R16
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