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Issue 7

Ultra Violent magazine is for those interested in the extreme gore horror movie scene - all those B grade slash fests that are made around the world that we usually are unaware of. Judging by sales of Issue 6, there\'s quite a few of you... Ultra Violent magazine has been an instant underground classic with every issue (bar #2) having almost completely sold out & it has thus become very collectable. It\'s described as a Horror & Exploitation Cinema magazine that digs out the often obscure films, reviews them & interviews some of the scenes leading directors about their flicks. It\'s your biannual horror & exploitation cinema guide, focusing on genre films from around the globe. Everything from European gore and splatter, to American cult flicks, forgotten schlock and underground oddities. Chock full of exclusive interviews, video and DVD reviews, research articles and much more! Warlock has signed on as a distributor of this little nasty - who have among their editorial staff, none other than Necrophagia\'s legendary Killjoy! So what\'s in store in Issue 7? EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS: UV continues its tradition of providing comprehensive coverage of crucial directors with this lengthy interview with the creator of Invasion of the Blood Farmers and Shriek of the Mutilated. John Borowski: The ambitious director behind H.H. Holmes: America\'s First Serial Killer speaks. Douglas Buck: We spoke with the director of the incredible short film Cutting Moments about his recent DVD, Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America, and his shift from shorts to feature-length work. Terry Lofton: If you\'re a seasoned horror enthusiast, you should definitely be familiar with The Nail Gun Massacre. We tracked down the director for a conversation about this underrated 1980s masterpiece. Scooter McCrae: We spoke to the up and coming director of Sixteen Tongues and Shatter Dead at length about his career thus far. Gaspar Noé: I Stand Alone and the more recent Irréversible have succeeded in stirring up a great deal of controversy, and in recruiting genre fans worldwide. The young director behind the commotion took time out for an in-depth discussion about his work. ARTICLES: In Hell Productions: We courageously interviewed Vince Roth and Mick Nards, the notorious madmen behind the underground production house In Hell Productions. Murder-Set-Pieces: We were so impressed with Murder-Set-Pieces that we painstakingly tracked down over 20 of the people involved in it to deliver definitive coverage of this instant classic. Nazi Exploitation Retrospective: This informative collection of reviews has been compiled to give you insight into the truly perverse world of nazi exploitation films. (Review discs provided by Shocking Videos.) We have limited stock so if you want a copy, get in quick!
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