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Sounds of a Seagull Dying

Review: This is one of those albums that I enjoy more and more every time I listen. Theres just so much going on here but in this case it is very much a good thing, this is one of those few bands that can actually make it work. I have listened to the album about half a dozen times already and I keep finding new and interesting things that I have missed every other time, it just keeps pulling me in. First time I listened I got drawn in by the vocal harmonies, and they use more than just one. If you are looking for cliched 3rds and 6ths go pick up a copy of Miley Cyrus or some other such dribble. Second time I got drawn in by the bass wah. Yes you read correctly, they use a bass wah in metal. The third time I tried to take a step back and listen to it all as a whole, and I got thrown around in a whirlwind of influences and styles that mesh together like a well trained assault team laying waste to my mind and ears, far too many influences and styles to even bother listing on here, and it all flows together so so well. It\'s not often that something like this comes along that\'s just SO different to what\'s currently going on, and I have to admit I appreciate the change. There are just so many bands out there playing it safe withing their musical genres, and that\'s not to say that safe is a bad thing, but I will always be more partial to safety within context- use a condom when having sex, go bareback when writing music. Fuelset went bareback on this album for sure, hell, they didn\'t even use lube but it\'s a good kinda pain and I\'m already sitting here waiting for the next one! Track Listing: 1. The Reputation of the Flesh 2. 20 Year Storm 3. Alone 4. A Friend 5. 50 Leaves 6. Leading Goats to Water 7. Hotbox 8. Rhythem \'n\' Brutal 9. Dehumanise
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