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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Day of the Dead (Remake) - Awesome!!!

George Romero\'s horror classic is re imagined in this terrifying tale of a world ravaged by zombies In a quaint and quiet town, a bio terrorist attack plunges the community into a hellish nightmare. The town is put under military quarantine, but this fearful attack is only the beginning. The toxins have spread and theres a horrifying side effect; infected residents are transformed into ravenous, flesh eating zombies As this zombie plague spreads, a ragtag group of survivors find refuge inside the military research facility. Yet the danger not only lurks with the zombies outside. Some of the survivors have been infected, but there is no way of knowing who. Soon a chilling discovery is made; the zombies can think... and reason... and plan. Those remaining must fight to survive and end the zombie plague before it spreads Will they succeed, or will this dark day of horror lead to an even more infernal night.
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skeleton right